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We strengthen the capacity of nonprofit leaders to deliver sustainable solutions, grow their organizations, and expand their impact.

Organization Growth, Sustainability Planning & Strategic Decision Making

With our help, your organization can figure out what priorities to focus on. You’ll have the buy-in of your team, and you can invest in what matters most to fulfill your mission and see your vision come alive.

We’ll work with you to put policies and procedures in place, strengthen your board, make your programs generate revenue and figure out what the future of your organization should look like. You’ll also have a full-fledged system to drive and monitor execution of your strategies. 

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL)

We’ll create an end-to-end MEAL system that helps you define, measure and expand your impact on an ongoing basis. You get to know what works and what doesn’t, and learn from your strengths and setbacks.

We’ll take care of your mid and end of project evaluation so that midway through the end of your project, your funders and stakeholders will love your hard data that demonstrates your programs are delivering results. Your donors will trust you.

PLUS …You get Peace-of-mind that your resources are deployed efficiently and your organization is finally on track to expand.

Community & Organizational Assessments & Research

We’ll work with you to design surveys, stakeholder needs and best practice assessments, landscape and market analysis that are grounded on best practices, easy to implement and grant worthy.

The literature review, data collection, management and analysis we deliver adhere to standard quality assurance guidelines so that your research findings make authentic contribution to existing body of knowledge.

Our Advantage

 Proven techniques you can count on…..

4 Reasons to Choose Emel Consulting

Innovation, accuracy and practical solutions are the center of the work we do for our clients. From needs assessment to hands-on services, we help our clients create and deliver programs with impact and sustainability.

Customized engagements & Solutions 

That are individualized and focus on the organizational value, project scope, nature and goals of our clients. We get it, Your programs are unique!

Collaboration & Sustainability

We build on the recognition that when stakeholders participate in the process, they are more likely to be committed to the outputs. We facilitate consensus building – ensuring that outputs reflect stakeholder thinking.

Sound Research & Applied Experience

Applying research, and deep experience to provide objective, evidence-informed, current and creative options for solving problems & managing projects. 

Fast Delivery, Quality & Cost-Saving

We know your deliverable are time-bound with some budgetary constraints. We do not compromise quality. We save you time and money. If you reach out, we’ll make it happen.


Hey There, Welcome!

Glad to make your acquaintance. I’m Dr. Chinnie Nnorom. I enjoy helping organizations grow and become sustainable so that they can expand their impact. I provide leadership to the dream team here.

How Did I get Here?

I fell in love with this assignment while working for the United Nations and a couple other large international development organization abroad and here in the US. In these roles, I was often disappointed to see the frustrations small to mid-sized organizations experienced because of they lacked sufficient capabilities to grow their programs and organizations to levels that they can self-sustain.

Our Vision

At Emel Consulting, We See A World …where all great ideas are born and social change strategies deliver real and lasting positive change outcomes…

Our Mission

We exist to help small to medium-sized organizations grow and expand impact by strengthening their capacity to make strategic and evidence – driven decisions and transform programs to revenue-generating hubs

And You Can Count On…

Our Proven 3-Step System that Works All the Time:

Clear Accountability for Your Investment: 

Our Multi-year, Multi-sector, Multi-Geographical Experience: 

More than anyone else, EMEC provided clear action items, broken down by category and next steps that we can take to become a stronger, more dynamic organization. We truly appreciate the forthright assessment and action plan…”


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